Solar CSS

Solar CSS

  • Compact enclosure housing inverter, transfomer and RMU
  • Available ratings are 1.26MW, 1.75MW & 2.0MW
  • Best in-class LT switchboard from Sterling Generators
  • Remote monitoring through industrial type data communication option
  • Compact and easy to maintain
  • Integrated and flexible DC input cabinet
  • Minimum onsite civil work
  • Modular construction. Easy to transport
  • Plug and play arrangement leads to less onsite execution time
  • Thermally insulated high strength enclosure

Products Benefits

ARYAMAN - compact solar sub-station, is an in-house designed and developed product.

Salient Features:

  • - Minimum labour work at site
  • - Plug and play interface
  • - Suitable for any environment which does not have chemical reaction
  • -Designed for 50 °C ambient temperature

Includes all major components

  • -Inverters
  • -HV switchgear
  • -Transformer
  • - HVAC, PLCs etc

Fully equipped packaged sub-station