Data Centre Continuous - Rating DG sets

Data Centre Continuous

Mission Critical

Data centers are now seen as a key business parameter and are a top priority. Any interruptions in operations can have catastrophic effect. Data center operations is mission-critical for the very functioning of an enterprise. To accomplish this mission, you require an integrated power system that gives you 100 percent uptime. At Sterling Generators, we work indefatigably to offer tailored solutions and peace of mind.

Advanced Engineering:

With excellent project management skills from concept to commissioning and a wide range of solutions, Sterling Generators tailors each component to develop a fully optimized system to meet your specific application. Our quality processes, which demands some of most stringent testing requirements, assure greater reliability of the equipment.

Responsive Support:

We are committed to cost effective, fast turnaround, and around-the-clock service. We have done substantial investment in diagnostic and testing equipment-as well as in people. We offer Operations & Maintenance agreement, Extended Service Coverage, Customer Support Agreements and unmatched parts availability.

Salient Features

  • Wide product range from 1010 kva to 2250 kva
  • One stop solution for all datacenter needs
  • 10% overload capacity available
  • Customised terminal boxes for cables or busbars
  • Alternators with RTDs, BTDs and space heaters as standard scope
  • No average load factor limitation