Container Data Center

Container Data Center

Sterling and Wilson Container Data Center (CDC)

It is an advanced, modular and pre-fabricated solution which simplifies complexity and risks associated to traditional data center builds. CDCs are self-sufficient and includes all data center infrastructure needed in a limited footprint. CDCs are capable to house, power and manage both IT and CT equipments with simple, green and reliable power. It also houses both AC and DC power systems, energy saving water cooled or air cooled in-row cooling system, automatic fire detection, suppression system and intelligent management system for the entire DC infrastructure. This makes it a viable physical infrastructure solution when planning for expansion to existing traditional data centers or a stand alone solution for mini/micro data center environment.

Salient Features

  • Clustered and stacked storage is possible
  • Phased CAPEX
  • Plug and play
  • Relocatable
  • Quick deployment
  • Energy efficient
  • Highly secured
  • Pre-engineered data center
  • Multi environment compatibility
  • Ease of installation
  • Scalable

Add-on Modules

Generator Unit
  • Contains all generator elements: genset, fuel tank and electronics
  • Provides housing for generator for use in harsh environments
  • Modules can be linked to form a generator farm and increase resilience
Vestibule Unit
  • Provides entry area for IT module
  • Additional protection for IT hardware when deployed in desert or arctic environment
  • Can be used as an airlock