Panels HT Panels

HT Panels

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  1. Ratings: 3P. 3W, 50Hz, 12kV, 630A to 1600 A,
  2. Fault Level – 25 kA for 3 Sec.
  3. Busbar – Copper / Aluminium
  4. Dimensions : 600 mm (W) x 2100 mm (H) x 1350 mm (D) (Per VCB Section)
  5. Simple & Compact design
  6. Earthed Metallic partitions & shutters.
  7. Siemens VCB having Imported Siemens Vacuum Interrupter with high reliability
  8. Confirms to IS / IEC standards and is fully type tested.
  9. Totally restrike free
  10. Suitable for Rapid auto-reclosing duty.
  11. Highly Reliable operation
  12. Suitable for all environments
  13. High Switching Capacity
  14. All type tests carried out with VCB mounted inside the panel (Short Ckt. Test / Impulse Test, IP Protection Test, Temp. Rise Test)