750 KVA
Voltage 415 Volts
50 Hz
1500 RPM
Engine Specifications
Engine Model
Perkins - 4006D-23TAG2
Method Cooling Radiator
Engine Enclosure
160 mm
22.92 L
190 mm
Turbocharged, Aftercooled
Governor Type
Fuel System
Spin on paper element
*For stand by rating, please contact Sterling Generator representative.

DG Package:

  • Highly efficient and optimised package design.
  • Provide High performance quality under most demanding environmental condition.
  • Provides continuous power supply with near zero downtime.
  • Highly sturdy DG Base Frames made of MS Sheets/MS Plates.
  • Its Low Carbon Content ensures distortion less and completely stress free base frames with reduced vibrations.
  • All DG set undergoes stringent shop floor testing
  • Overload testing done till 110% of its Prime Rated Capacity
  • Testing Performed using state of the art PLC based resistive load bank.


  • World leading fast load response.
  • Extremely stable frequency.
  • Low vibration/structural noise level.
  • Super resilient mounting Certified to meet CPCB II requirements.
  • Competitive fuel and lubricating oil Consumption.
  • High power to weight ratio.
  • Proven low life cycle cost.


  • Leroy Somer alternators from Emerson group
  • Brushless type, Screen protected, self-excitedalternator conforming toIS4722/IEC 60034-1
  • Better motor starting capability
  • Alternator Efficiencies are second to none
  • Compact design with sealed bearings for longer life andlesser maintenance
  • Optimised engine compatibility
  • Compact and rigid assemblies to better withstand generator vibrations.

Genset Control Panel

  • Solid - state, microprocessor - based controller for engine control and ACmetering.
  • Advanced, high – tech electronics for generator monitoring provides morefeatures, accuracy and reliability than any other currently available competitive panel systems.
  • Comprehensive protection system for Engine & Alternators.

Acoustic Enclosure:

  • Type Tested and approved by ARAI as per CPCB Norms
  • Meets noise level of 75Dba @ 1 mtr Distance at 75% loading
  • Highly aesthetic with superior paint finish
    • Enclosure Panels-PPG Imperial Blue
    • Base Frames-Black
  • Unmatched performance in the most stringent conditions
  • Designed with optimal serviceability space within.
  • Flawless enclosure manufactured with High end AMADA CNC machines
  • Pre-Treated with 14 Tank process for longer life.
  • Reciprocator ensures uniform powder coating.
  • Made of high noise absorbent & fire- retardant grade material

Product Support

  • Best in class product support with PAN India Presence
  • Highly Energetic team with immense experience on troubleshooting.
  • Seamless 24x7Service network of 20 branch offices and 70 dealer points.
  • Capability to handle Major overhauls with in house service workshop.
  • Dynamic spares supply system driven by nationally integrated SAP.