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Draw Out MCC

  • Rated current upto 4000A,Fault current upto 50KA for 1 Sec
  • Degree of Protection- IP53
  • Fully compartmentalized design with Single & Double front configuration
  • Three operating position of Service, Test & Isolate with locking facility in all positions
  • Gravity operated safety shutters to cover live bus bars when trollies are removed
  • All equal sized Draw-out units are fully interchangeable
  • Safety shutters provide against accidental contact from vertical busbars
  • Latest design of our Draw-out enclosure provide maintenance free vertical busbars without joint

  • Self-aligning and disconnecting power and control contact
  • Racking screw arrangement with telescopic rails system provide safe and smooth movement of trolley
  • Modular construction with wide choice of compartment sizes with min size of 225 mm and max size of 900mm
  • Hinged auxiliary doors inside main compartment door used for convenient mounting of control & indicating equipment
  • Fully covered vertical bus bar chamber
  • Draw-out contacts available from 32 amp to 630 amp

TTA Panels

  • Strategic tie up with M/s ABB for ArTuK Boards
  • Compliance with IEC 61439
  • Rated Current upto 4000A
  • Rated Service Voltage - upto 690V
  • Rated Insulation Voltage: upto 1000V
  • Rated Impulse withstand Voltage – 8KV
  • Rated Short time withstand Current -105kA( 1S) & 50KA (3S)
  • Construction of Panel: 2/ 3A / 3B / 4
  • Enclosure made up of Alu. Zinc
  • Degree of protection: IP 31 / IP41 / IP 54/ IP 65
  • Bus bar: Copper or Aluminium