Type Test Certifications

LT Panels

  • Panels type tested for short circuit levels of 50, 65, 75 & 100kA
  • Panel type tested for 100KA with breaker in ‘ON’ position
  • Verification of temperature rise test
  • Degree of protection IP:52/53/54/55/65
  • Verification of dielectric properties
  • Verification of effectiveness of protective circuit
  • Panels type tested for seismic zone-IV & V
  • Form 4B construction

HT Panels

  • 11 KV panels type tested for short circuit level 26.3kA for 3 sec, & 33KV Panel at 31.5KA for 3 sec
  • Panels type tested for degree of protection IP-4x
  • Panel type tested for lightening impulse withstand test for 75kV &195 KV
  • Verification of temperature rise test
  • Dry power frequency voltage withstand test

Testing Equipment

  • Conductivity meter
  • Millivolt Test for checking joint resistance
  • 4000A, Primary –Injection set for Verification of Temperature Rise
  • Primary injection kit for verification CT ratio
  • Secondary - Injection Test kit for testing of Meters, Relays
  • CT Polarity Testing kit
  • 5KV High Voltage testing kit for LT Panels
  • 80KV High Voltage testing set for HT Panels
  • Megger test for insulation resistance testing
  • 2.5KV Earth Leakage tester
  • Power Analyzer