All sheet metal processing like shearing, bending, punching, etc. carried out on world-class highly accurate CNC Machines. Sheet metal is directly sourced from the manufacturer to maintain uniform product quality.

Busbar Assembly

High conductivity electrical grade Aluminium/Copper conductor (as specified) is directly sourced from manufacturers to ensure quality.

Cutting, punching and bending is done on hydraulic machines to achieve the desired angle and smooth edges. After cutting & bending, the busbars are covered with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves and passed through a baking oven with moving bed to shrink fit the sleeves on the busbars.All busbars are thoroughly cleaned before panel assembly.

Painting Procedure

Fourteen tank pre-treatment processes are adopted for surface cleaning of all fabricated sheet metal parts before powder coating.

This surface treatment process is being adopted for all the sheet metal components made up of sheet thickness up to 3mm. For components above 3mm or readymade rolled sections, shot blasting is carried out for surface cleaning.

All the fabricated parts are painted with polyester based powder for long lasting corrosion free life. Powder coating booth is equipped with reciprocator for uniform coating of the surface. The coated components then go into the oven for baking on an automated conveyor system at a pre-set temperature and speed to get the optimum desired finish.

For best results in powder coating, we ensure:

  • Oven calibration at regular intervals & continuous temperature monitoring to ensure consistent curing.
  • Pre-Treatment bath made up from Pre-Treated ground water through our in-house RO plant.
  • Independent paintlaboratory to monitor pre-treatment and paint process
  • Following major tests
    • Scratch test
    • Cupping & impact test
    • Salt spray test for corrosion resistance